Delegation from Bosnia at the University of Debrecen

Experts from the University of Modern Sciences in Mostar, Bosnia, who visited our university last Thursday, were mainly interested in opportunities for cooperation in the fields of the health industry, Ayurveda, nutrition science, as well as tousism and catering.

Although Bosnia – Herzegovina is not a member of the European Union, they can work together with partners from the EU in numerous tenders. They chose the University of Debrecen for cooperation due to its extensive knowledge base in the health industry and medicine as well its network of relationships, -a spokesperson for the Bosnia delegation said at its May 24 visit.

The delegation from the rather new University of Modern Sciences of Mostar, which only became independent in 2014, were primarily interested in research into nutrition science and Ayurveda carried out at Debrecen University. In this context, they conducted talks with our guest professor from India, Asmita Wele, in the Institute oif Pharmacology, and some of the staff of the department of Internal medicine of the Faculty of Medicine.

In the course of their trainings and research into management, economics, and tourism and catering the delegation visited  the Faculty of Economics. In the afternoon, mmbers of the delegation signed a letter of intent for corporation with Elek Bartha, vice dean of the University, in the Main Building.


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