National bassoon competition at the university

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In honor of the memory of György Keszler, the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen organized a national bassoon competition.

A similar competition was organized 15 years ago, where students of various Hungarian higher educational institutions were competing against each other.

It is a tendency, not only in Hungary, but unfortunately in Europe that certain musical instruments are becoming less popular among students, for instance the French horn, oboe, double bass, tuba and bassoon. However, all of them are necessary in a symphonic orchestra – says Mihály Duffek, dean of the Faculty of Music.

This was the first time that the University of Debrecen organized such a competition for students. In Hungary, the last similar one was held 15 years ago.

Students were competing from the following Hungarian cities: Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Győr, Pécs and Budapest.


Results of the competition:

1st category:

  1. István Kókai – Budapest
  2. Lívia Anna Matkovics – Pécs
  3. Attila Dániel Sugár – Győr

2nd category:

  1. Péter Hartenstein – Budapest
  2. Viktória Simonics, Luca Losonci – Budapest


Special awards:

Viven Vincze, András Földesi – Debrecen

Anna Pém – Szeged


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