An ice ball cannot be touched by sweaty hands


Qualifiers of the Sauna WM were held in Debrecen in the last few days.

Gerard Ten Hove, leader of the Sauna WM and president of the Sauna World Organization has given an interview, in which he said that he really enjoyed the Debrecen qualifiers.

Almost 600 sauna masters are competing at the Sauna WM. According to Hove, sauna masters of the Debrecen thermal baths have a bright future, they are part of a family, and they are partners, teachers and students of each other.


Hove mentioned that sauna cultures around the world, including Hungary, were developing constantly. “People need more than just sit in the sauna and then take a shower. They need a show, a so-called sauna theatre with music, scents and delightful sauna masters.”

Sauna masters are responsible for entertaining the guests, and also for their safety, health and their good mood; they also have to be spontaneous.

Those sauna masters who have these qualities can compete at the championship.



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