News about the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health part 2

The dean presented another two topics during the press breakfast. He talked about a book, titled “Az egészségturizmus fókuszai” and written by Dr. Erika Könyves, Dr. Anetta Müller and Dr. József Ködmön, that filled the gap in the field of health tourism. This book, published at the end of 2013, is very helpful to the […]

News about the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health (part 1)

On Tuesday morning, the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health held a press breakfast in Nyíregyháza. At the conference Gergely Fábián, the dean presented the news and plans related to the faculty. At first, he talked about the accreditation assessment of the University of Debrecen. In 2012, the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) accredited the university […]

What does the government spend billions in secret?

In last December, the pro-government members of the parliament allowed that the University of Debrecen establish the 6,5 billion forints project of “Országos Környezetállapot Felmérés” (National Environmental Status Survey), that is, the preparation of the digital cartographic data base of Hungary. The project has been exempted from the procurement procedure because of national security reasons. […]

Hungarian-Japanese agreement about social security has come to effect

This agreement came to effect from 1st January between the two countries – Deloitte, the consulting firm declared in an article of MTI. According to its provisions, private individuals, who work in the other country under secondment, are exempted from the payment of contributions in the country where they are employed. It is all based […]

An invention from Debrecen can reduce the cost of heating of the apartments

The invention, which won the second prize in the IDEA 2013 Idea-Novelty-Invention International Exhibition in Szeged, can significantly reduce the cost of heating of the apartments – MTI reported. It was the first time that János Kukoricza, inventor from Debrecen presented the Thermo Drapes supplement to a heating-cooling system in front of a wider professional […]

Nationally, most of the EU funds has been paid in the Northern Great Plain region

Hungary received an EU aid between 2007 and 2013 from which Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency (ÉARFÜ) has paid HUF 59 billion for enterprise development, investments in tourism, road construction, urban development and protection of internal and run-off rain water. During the period between 2007 and 2013, 3719 applications were received for the 342,5 billion forint […]