CATL: E-Mobility is the Future – Interview With Jason Chen


CATL is a global leader in new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. Now, they are planning to open a new battery factory in Debrecen.


What are the strengths of CATL?

CATL is an innovative technology leading company. We are in a leading position in innovation such as material innovation, structure innovation, manufacturing innovation. These are all in CATL. 

What is the weakness of the company?

As a global company, we are spreading our strength in all the countries where we have a plant. You know, people are so important at each location, and we need to develop local people.

What are the opportunities of CATL?

The University of Debrecen and the vocational schools here are opportunities, too. There a lot of Chinese facilities here, too. These places enable us to find the local talents. We always talk a lot about how to find local talents. Also, we need a certain amount of Chinese experts, too to transform the know-how, and eventually local people can train other locals this way.

What are the challenges for the company?

Energy transition is really dynamic. However, we able to adapt fast changes, so this also is our strength.

In CATL’s presentation we couldn’t see TESLA as a partner of yours. However, they are working with you on a global level.

TESLA is a customer of ours.

Which companies are competing with CATL on the global market?

CATL is in a leading position when we are talking about innovation. Actually, we welcome our competitors.

What do you think about the future of E-Cars?

We believe in E-Cars. The future is e-mobility. It is a sustainable circle. It is not like oil which you burn and after that it is done. Once batteries get into a sustainable circle, it is the future.



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