Santa’s Wild Surprises at Debrecen Zoo

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Did you know that Santa’s good list also includes the residents of the Debrecen Zoo?

Go visit them on December 7 to see what special treats he has in store for all of them! Between 11:00 and 13:00 this Saturday, Santa Claus himself will be in his cozy little cottage, with splendid gifts in store for good children. You can also hop on a Donkey Carriage right at the main entrance and take a leisurely tour around the Zoo to see all its wonders in wintertime. Besides that and various feeding shows, the event will include an Arts and Crafts Corner in the Gibbon House and, for those seeking adventure, a game called “Finding Santa” where they will have to find all of Santa’s tracks at various animal enclosures to get a prize from our old red-clad friend.

Out of Santa’s great generosity, visits to the Debrecen Zoo will be made free of charge for all children on December 7.

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