The country’s Christmas tree was set up in front of the Parliament

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After great preparations, the silver pine, which will be the Christmas tree of the country this year, was cut down in Székesfehérvár on Monday morning. The pine was set up in front of Parliament on Tuesday.

The pine was cut down by the professional firefighters of Székesfehérvár in the garden of the house on Surányi Street, and then lifted onto a special transport vehicle of the Hungarian Defense Forces with the help of a crane.

The owner Imre Molnár, who told MTI about his interest, also said that the idea of offering pine was raised in their family last year, but it finally took place this year. The offer was made via the internet, presenting to the authorities with photos the pine which won the favor of the decision makers.

The owner called it a great honor to have the tree in front of their house become the Christmas tree of the Country. He noted that the previous owner of the property planted forty years ago the now 15-meter-high, 70-80-centimeter trunk of silver pine, which still served as a Christmas tree, and “now he does it again, but to the delight of the whole country.”

Imre Molnár also revealed that together with their two student children, they will go to the candle lighting on Sunday and then they will see the pine they offer as the Christmas tree of the country.


Photos: MTI/Péter Lakatos

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