14-Year-Old Girl Dies at Lake Balaton

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Tragedy at Lake Balaton: a 14-year-old girl lost her life on a class trip.


According to Ripost, the tragedy took place on a class trip. The children were on a beach at Lake Balaton. It is known that the 14-year-old girl was bathing in the water, and at that time there was no sign that there was a problem, but when she came out of Lake Balaton, she shouted that she was not feeling well. “She tapped her stomach and her head, shouted, then growled. They thought she was joking … Then the ambulances came, and she died at dawn” an eyewitness told the paper.

An ambulance arrived at the beach. According to the informant of the paper, one and a half liters of water were found in the little girl’s lungs. Ambulances took her to the hospital but they could not save her life. The girl was a student at a grammar school in Budapest. The first tragedy of the season happened recently, two young people disappeared at Lake Balaton in early June.


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