Robot-assisted kidney stone removal was performed in Debrecen

For the first time in Hungary, robot-assisted kidney stone removal was performed at the Urology Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center. In recent days, the university’s specialists have performed six successful operations using the French-developed ILY robot-controlled ureterorenoscopy. With robot-assisted technology, surgery can be performed precisely and safely even in more difficult and […]

ISFiT: International student festival in Trondheim

ISFiT is the world’s largest international student festival, taking place biennially in February in Trondheim, Norway. We gather students from different national and cultural backgrounds to talk and connect through exciting and engaging topics and discussions. The first ever ISFiT festival was held in 1990 and ever since people from around the world have gathered […]

Waist-warming blankets are given to workers in the University of Debrecen buildings with reduced temperatures

In a staff circular, the chancellor of the institution informed the teachers, researchers, and employees of the University of Debrecen about the possibilities of intervention aimed at reducing energy consumption. The measures are effective from October 1st throughout the academic period until December 9th and do not limit educational or examination activities.

This is what the UniGreen Hotel will look like

Twenty applications were received for the University of Debrecen’s design competition for the new UniGreen Hotel, an innovative educational hotel, teaching kitchen, and canteen, to be planned on the site of the former Parkhotel restaurant in Kartács Street. In keeping with the hotel’s name, the innovative training hotel, training kitchen, and dining hall located in […]