Drama Students Dismiss University Leadership’s Declaration on “Student Republic”

The “student republic” at Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) “cannot be banned”, striking students at the university’s central campus told a press conference. “This is an ideal under which all citizens of the university are considered equal,” the students said, adding that they would go on with the blockade. The university’s new […]

Drama, Film Theatre Leadership to Consider University ‘Student Republic’ Terminated

The new leadership of Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) issued a statement, saying that they henceforth considered the “student republic”, an alternative educational model established by striking teachers and students within the university walls, to be “terminated with immediate effect”. Chancellor Gábor Szarka and acting deputy rectors, Emil Novák and János Zalán, […]

Hungary’s Universities Row “Has Never Been Political”

Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s state secretary for international communications, has accused Michael Ignatieff, the head of the Central European University, of seeking to link a recent European court ruling concerning Hungary’s higher education law with plans to tie the receipt of European Union cohesion funds to its compliance with the rule of law. Kovács said in […]

UD Professor at AE

Zoltán Barta, university teacher of the Faculty of Technology and Science at UD has become member of the Academia Europaea (AE). With the renowned behavioural ecologist, UD now has eight members in the organisation. After thorough consideration, 361 researchers have been awarded membership to the pan-European scientific organisation established in 1988. The Academia Europaea has […]