Foreign Students at the Summer School of the University


More than two hundred students were studying Hungarian language and culture at the Summer School of the University of Debrecen this year.80% of the students finished their studies at the Summer School with excellent results. Due to the better scholarships, sixty students ha dthe opportunity to attend the Summer School for free this year. Many of them study Hungarian as a hobby, however, there are a number of students who attend the Hungarian Faculty of foreign universities and colleges an they wanted to practice the language in Hungary during the summer months. Furthermore, there were students with Hungarian roots, too. They wanted to learn the language because of personal reasons.

Apart from the language classes, the students visited the Castle of Edelény, Nyíregyháza, Miskolc and Zelemér, too.

Summer School of the University of Debrecen is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. On this occasion they collected letters, objects and various things to save them as a time capsule for the students of the 100th season.


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