Motivational Speech in Pécs


We are proud to announce this years Motivational Speech by Frank Warren!

Date: Wednesday (3rd of April) 7:00 pm

Venue: University of Pécs, Medical School (12. Szigeti street)

Program: Frank Warren is the author of six New York Times Bestelling Books, and founder of the Internet sensation PostSecret.

PostSecret encourages audiences to share their own secrets as a vehicle to personal healing and connection with our greater humanity.

Frank Warren demonstrates the power of sharing your hopes, dreams, fears and failures and how PostSecret became the catalyst for his passionate commitment to mental health advocacy.

PostSecret has also raised over $1,000,000 for suicide prevention and earned Frank a Mental Health Advocacy Lifetime Achievement Award.
As he delves into how the project led to his ardent involvement in suicide awareness, Frank demonstrates that by sharing our personal struggles, we can help each other and release our burdens.

The event will be held at the Medical School Aula. Entry is free and there is no registration needed.

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