The Faculty of Humanities has concluded an agreement with the MODEM


On Monday, the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen signed a cooperation agreement with the MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art to expand their training relations, conduct internships, and implement various cultural projects.

The range will be further expanded at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen, where art training will be available to students from September. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, the goal is for students to acquire practical knowledge during their studies.

In our faculty to fill the gaps, art, especially art history training, which will be available again after a long time, and for the coordination of which we established the Art Center in 2021,

– informed Róbert Keményfi.

The dean of the Faculty of Humanitiesemphasized that the cooperation with the Csokonai Theater was established first, as a result of the joint work of the lecturers and students of the theater performing English, but the long-term plans also include drama translation by exploiting the wide range of language training.

The official “opening” for the operation of the Art Center was the full-house symphony concert 2022: Musical Space Dussia, held in the Liszt Hall of the Faculty of Music on June 13 as part of the Zerophobia Concert Series.

The university plays a prominent role in the cultural life of Debrecen, contributing to the internationalization of the civil city with more than 7,000 foreign students from about 120 countries and the teaching of various foreign languages,

– said Zsigmond Lakó.

The director of the Faculty of Humanities Art Center emphasized that in the initial art training of the institution, the collaborations with the cultural institutions of the city – and which will be concluded in the future – will allow practical knowledge to be emphasized in addition to theoretical education.

The MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art will play a central role in the art training starting in September.

MODEM considers it an important mission to reach out to the student age group with its exhibitions and program offerings. One of the best tools for this will be the training, in which students can gain an insight into the life of the gallery, and thanks to the teaching lessons, they can get a comprehensive picture of the work of Hungarian art institutions,

– said Katalin Vizi, managing director.

The Faculty of Humanities art course is scheduled to begin with a professional day at MODEM.

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