The Amusement Park is open again!

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The one and only Amusement Park in Hungary opened its gates at the national holiday, on 15th March, offering unforgettable experiences for both children and adults every weekend and from 1st May onwards every day.
Technicians of the zoo have carried out the all-round yearly maintenance work. At present, the Park provides unique pleasures with its 21 rides. This year further improvements await visitors, since many rides are getting a new theming and design and a new attraction is on the way.
Debrecen Zoo & Amusement Park is committed to applying innovative, environmentally- and user-friendly technology.

Debrecen Zoo & Amusement Park is the first Hungarian Zoo to offer all-round ticketing solution for all platforms, let it be a smartphone or a pc. This convenience service is supported by the Jegymester Ltd., Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Inc. and OTP Mobil Simple’s payment solutions. With a zoo admission ticket, visitors can visit the Amusement Park for free of charge. Amusement Park admission tickets are at the usual price.

Purchase your ticket online: or with the help of the following apps;
Nemzeti Mobilfizetés app for Android:
Nemzeti Mobilfizetés app for IOS:
Simple app for Android:
Simple app for IOS:

Further information:

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