The Hungarian state buys 51% of the company operating Debrecen Airport

A government decision has been published in the Magyar Közlöny, which informs that in order to promote economic development and tourism goals, the Hungarian state will acquire a 51% ownership share in the Debrecen International Airport Limited Liability Company owned by the Debrecen Municipality and Debrecen Asset Management Ltd. The decision, signed by Viktor Orbán, […]


Man Sentenced to Twenty Years in Prison for Killing His Six-Year-Old Niece in Szekszárd

On Wednesday (2nd December), in Szekszárd, man has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for killing his six-year-old niece.

A pedophile, who also harassed his own child, was caught

A 35-year-old man from Budapest was arrested, and it turned out that he harassed his own child and uploaded more than four hundred files on the Internet depicting the sexual exploitation of children, the National Investigation Bureau of the Standby Police said on on Wednesday.


The 360 ​​Design Budapest Online Exhibition Has Been Extended

Because of the great interest of online visitors, the 360 ​​Design Budapest online exhibition featuring contemporary design objects has been extended.

Jazzday – online concerts in Hungarian locations

Online concerts are held at five venues in Budapest and one in highland from December 3 to 5.

Thinking of You! – Advent Programs of Várkert Bazár are Moving Online

Thinking of you! – Advent programs of Várkert Bazár will move to the online space between December 1st and December 24th. The series focuses on a unique Advent video calendar as well as festive decorations on the south panoramic terrace.