A visually impaired high school student was robbed on the passenger train from Debrecen to Mátészalka, charges were brought against the attackers

Charges have been brought against two men and the parents of one of them, who helped them as they robbed a visually impaired student on a train in January, and later helped to remove the traces, the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Prosecutor’s Office told MTI on Tuesday.

The members of the trio stopped and robbed two cyclists between Debrecen and Vámospércs

A robbery was reported to the police on the evening of October 2, 2022. While cycling, the victim was stopped by three men on highway 48 between Debrecen and Vámospércs, who demanded money and valuables. The cyclist objected, so one of the perpetrators hit him, and then they took HUF 10,000 from him.


Film from Debrecen on Netflix

During the pandemic, a film from Debrecen was made with zero forint support. Tibor Dombi, the icon of the DVSC, Betti Gábor, the former singer of Desperado, and Bruti, the humorist from Debrecen, also played a role in the work Pecakúra.

Béla Szakcsi Lakatos Has Passed Away

Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Artist of the Nation, Kossuth Prize-winning pianist, composer, and iconic figure of Hungarian jazz, died early Sunday at the age of 80, the Hungarian Jazz Association announced. As written in their memorial, his personality was intertwined with the development and fulfillment of Hungarian jazz, and his death is an irreplaceable loss.

MODEM Celebrating Its 16th Birthday Today

With opening an exhibition, crypto world and techno music.