Inattention led to a serious accident in Hajdú-Bihar county

Police in Hajdúnánás has completed an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

A 16-year-old boy broke into a pizzeria in Biharkeresztes

A report was received by the police on the morning of March 5, 2021, that a pizzeria had been broken into in Biharkeres. The whistleblower said the perpetrator had taken some cash as well as a cell phone with him. The police collected data and searched witnesses, and thanks to their personal knowledge, a resident […]


Csontváry Painting Sets Record Starting Price for a Hungarian Work at Auction

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka’s “Secret Island”, one of only a dozen or so privately owned paintings by the Hungarian master, is soon to be auctioned, and the enigmatic work has set a record starting price for a Hungarian painting at auction.

Actress Karola Csűrös Dies at 85

Karola Csűrös graduated in 1959 from the College of Theater and Film Arts.

Parisian Abstracts – Curator’s guide by Flóra Mészáros in English

All visitors are cordially welcomed to the English curatorial’s guide given by Flóra Mészáros at the exhibition titled Parisian Abstracts. Abstraction-Création. Kandinsky, Hélion, Calder, Moholy-Nagy… at 11.00 on 28th November on the second floor of the MODEM.