Police Link 11 Deaths to New Designer Drug

The death of eleven people can be linked so far to a new illicit designer drug that is believed to have appeared in the Hungarian market in May, a senior official of National Police said.

Thirteen people arrested by the police

The police caught thirteen people and took another eight to various police stations on 9 August 2020.


Let’s All Celebrate the King of Animals

August 10 has been designated World Lion Day since 2013 in order to raise awareness of the plight these majestic and invaluable predators face and the importance of lion conservation efforts. Over the past decades, the prospects of survival for lions, the second largest and one of the most iconic feline species, have greatly deteriorated; […]

This Summer’s Last Wristband Weekend at Our Amusement Park!

Ever-popular Wristband Weekends return on August 15 and 16, with special Wristband Passes granting you unlimited access to all our amusement park rides from 10:00 to 18:00.

Photo of the Day: A dog playing in a fountain

A dog is playing in a fountain in Budapest on 10 August 2020.