Bryan Adams is Hospitalized With Coronavirus


Bryan Adams became ill during a flight, his post-landing test revealed he got the coronavirus. He was immediately taken to hospital by ambulance.


Although Bryan Adams has already taken two vaccinations against the coronavirus, he was shocked by his fans a month ago with the news that he too had caught the virus. Luckily, his condition has started to improve since then, and now he felt so good that he flew to Milan for work, but on the plane departing from New York, he suddenly had fever, Blikk writes. They immediately tested the singer after they landed. To his greatest surprise, his test was positive again, which means he didn’t recover after a month, he still got the coronavirus. The singer was immediately taken to hospital, from there he communicated to his fans via social media. He wrote that he had just arrived in Milan and had a positive Covid test for the second time in a month. So he’s going to the hospital now.

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