Bear Festival at the Zoo

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This Sunday will be the very first time that we have held Bear Festival, an event rooted in European folklore involving bears and February 2. According to tradition, if the bear leaves its cave that day and sees its shadow in a clear weather, it will hurry back in to resume hibernation – that is, winter will continue to reign for a good while. If, however, the weather is cloudy, the bear will see no shadow and stay outdoors – meaning that spring is near.

In addition to such a weather forecast, Bear Festival will include a guided tour and a feeding show with Dönci, the institution’s Asiatic black bear, in the spotlight as well as various fun facts about the folklore surrounding bears in general. Other members of the family Ursidae will also be discussed and there will be face-painting and honey-tasting opportunities for children and an Arts and Crafts Corner where you will all get a chance to make your favorite little bear.

All activities will be free of charge for visitors with a Zoo Pass.

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