One-fourth of parents had to buy new IT devices for children during spring lockdown


Some 25% of Hungarian parents had to buy new devices to help their children’s continued education, information flow and communication during the spring phase of the coronavirus epidemic, a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Instant Research said.


They spent on the new devices 125,000 forints (EUR 362) on average, a representative survey commissioned by Budapest Bank showed. Close to two-thirds of parents bought accessories for an average of 32,000 forints, it said. Half of the students used as a primary choice a laptop, one-fourth a desktop PC, 14% a mobile phone and around 10% a tablet for learning. The secondary choice was a mobile phone, for 64%. Teachers and students communicated through Facebook Messenger (54%), Hungarian app Kréta (54%), via e-mail (also 54%) and in various Facebook groups, said the survey. Ipsos conducted the survey on a sample of 500 among adults older than 18.




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