Summary for 18 September


The police caught four people and took another twenty-eight to various police stations in Hajdú-Bihar County yesterday.

Three men were caught committing crimes; one was taken to the police station on the basis of a warrant for arrest that was issued by the court of Debrecen. Two people were taken to the police station as suspects.

There were three traffic accidents, from which one resulted in serious injuries and two in minor ones.

Two men were taken to the police station of Debrecen for stealing woods from a wattle forest near Kokad. Procedures were initiated against the two perpetrators, 17 and 19, on reasonable suspicion of theft.

There was a fight in Füredi Söröző yesterday evening. The police was notified that two men were involved in a vehement argument. One of them, 21 year old, was caught and taken to the police station, the other one managed to flee. A procedure was initiated against the perpetrators on reasonable suspicion of assault.


Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station

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