Parties for Saturday, 22 February

Party Zone

Club Mix: Masquerade Party with Németi and William

White Angel: One Night Stand with Rikione and Mr Sm!th

Butiq: Music Butiq! with Németi and Stamer

Noise: Oh Yes Oh Yes with Thomas Borza and DJ Odom

Club Vision: Saturday! – Party Hard!

My Friends Club: Tommy V

Loft Bar: Mr. Kaufer

Batthyány Borozó: Borozó Carnival

Tequila Bar: Tequila Masquerade Party with DJ Sunny

Füredi Sörüző: Saturday Bet Party

Incognito Club: Zakar Quartet concert

Mokka Drink Bar: MOKKA disco with Jay Kid – Nu Disco, Deep House

Bisztró Bar: Bukholcz & Mercyrevo

Bakelit Music Café: Saturday Part with liqueur promotions

Bárka Music Pub: Saturday Part with liqueur promotions

Neon City & Garden: Neon Retro Party

Club Chicago: Retro Party

Roncsbar: The Grenma, Turn of Mind, Nonverse and Paradoxx concerts

Lilla Bar: Retro Disco Carnival

Iris Properties

Debrecen, Egyetem sugárút

36 m2 flat for sale
22 900 000 Ft

Debrecen, Mikszáth Kálmán utca

55 m2 flat for rent
120 000 Ft

Debrecen, Hadházi út

58 m2 flat for rent
100 000 Ft

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