The Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market in Budapest Opened With Unusually High Prices

Economy Gastro

The Vörösmarty square Christmas market opened on Friday in Budapest.

Several journalists from various magazines and newspapers went to the Christmas Market in Budapest to see what the prices are this year, and it is easy to see that those who want to eat there will have to dig deep into their pockets.

The prices are as follows:


stuffed cabbage HUF 7,000;

sashimi HUF 5,000;

Strudel HUF 1,800;

flódni HUF 1,900;

French fries HUF 3,000;

goulash in a plastic bowl HUF 4,500; in a small pot on the table HUF 8,500;

roasted beef ribs HUF 9,900;

hot tea HUF 1000;

hot chocolate HUF 2,200;

mulled wine HUF 1,350.


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