Suspended sentence for the policeman

Local News

One of the sergeant-majors of the Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station got 5 years of suspended sentence for committing grievous bodily harm.

According to the indictment, the defendant travelled by a police car when a drunken passenger of another car started to insult him while they were waiting at the red lights. After this incident, the police car forced the other vehicle to pull off. The policeman handcuffed the drunken man and as the man did not want to sit in the police car, the defendant started to hit him to get in; he was taken to the police station.

At the police station the policeman hustled the man who fell off and then he started kicking him. After the incident the offended party was desperately wounded; the ambulance took him into hospital.

The Debrecen High Court of Justice validated the verdict on Wednesday.



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