Heatwave or Not, Residents of the Debrecen Zoo Are Doing Splendid

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As a result of climate change, unbearably high temperatures are more and more common these days. In such hours, animals need just as much extra care and attention as we do since they too are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

Staff at the Debrecen Zoo do everything they can to help animals cope with heatwaves while having a great time: besides frequent cool baths, they are given juicy fruits and vegetables or fish, meat and other treats straight out of the freezer. In such heat, animals are naturally drawn to shade or spots with water nearby.

It goes without saying that visitors to the Zoo and Amusement Park are also provided with plenty of chances to get refreshed. For one, the microclimate of the Great Forest of Debrecen is a lot more favorable than that of the city due to the thick canopy and the water bodies nearby. Plus, the institution has cold drinks, ice creams, misting gates and misting fans in store, providing perfect conditions for a pleasant summertime walk.


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