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During this hardship times we would like to share the below information with you on how to get help regarding the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis on mental health.

International Student Union offers some information on their Facebook page for those who are struggling with negative thoughts and anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak.

Pszi Pont – free psychological help regarding the coronavirus crisis (Available in multiple languages)

– Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals offer free consultation online or over the phone. They do it as volunteers and the service is free of charge.
– This does not mean psychotherapy or psychiatric care, it’s solely counseling.
– If you call one of the numbers, you can ask for an appointment, your session won’t start straight away.
– Please contact only one of the professionals listed, to make sure the system won’t be overbooked and everybody can access the service when in need.
– E-mails will be answered within 48 hours.
– Counselling is up to 3-5 sessions max.
– In case you are already in therapy and your symptoms get worse, you need to contact your own therapist.

List of available mental health professionals:
• Zsuzsanna Papp – psychologist, autogenic trainer, couples and family counselor (English, German and Spanish) –

• Katalin Vida – counseling specialist psychologist (English) –

• Csongor Matyi – counseling psychologist (English) – +36 20 256 5788

• Melinda Csémy – psychologist, crisis counselor, clinical psychologist to be (English and Slovakian) –, 06702898855

• Márta Virág –adult clinical psychologist to be (English) –

• Csaba Király – psychologist (English) –

• Gabriella Felhősi – clinical psychologist, child psychologist, family therapist to be (English) –

• Flóra Peták – psychologist (English and German) –

• Laura Horváth – psychologist (English, German) –

• Vera Vanda Csécsy – psychologist (English, German, Spanish) –

• Laura Tarafás –psychologist, transcultural psychology and trauma specialisation (English, French) –

• Tekla Sára Soós – counseling psychologist, coach (English) –

• Veronika Csík – child and adolescent clinical psychologist (English) –

• Júlia Zólyomi – psychologist (English, Spanish) – (Skype ID is the same as well), +43 677 625 45 774 (Whatsapp and Viber)

The list is growing, you may check out this website for updated information: (website online in Hungarian)

ISU – Facebook page


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