A tram and a car collided in Debrecen

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The firefighters carry out the rescue in Nádor utca, near the intersection of Thomas Mann utca.

A tram collided with a passenger car in Debrecen, on Nádor utca, near the intersection of Thomas Mann utca. The city’s professional firefighters and ambulances were also alerted to the accident. A traffic barrier should be expected in the affected section.


Tram 2 runs in three sections

DKV Zrt. informs passengers that there has been an accident on Thomas Mann Street, which affects public transport. During the police investigation, tram number 2 runs in three sections.

Section 1: Nagyállomás – Kálvin tér – Nagyállomás

Section 2: Kölcsey Center (Hunyadi János utca) – Nádor utca – Kölcsey Center (Hunyadi János utca)

Section 3: Nádor utca – Doberdó utca – Nádor utca

The tram service is suspended between Kálvin tér and Kölcsey Központ (Hunyadi János utca). Validated line tickets are also valid for all three sections after the transfer, but they must be validated on each vehicle.

The Company thanks the passengers for their patience and understanding!


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate / DKV

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