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At the fifteenth Campus Festival – 12 years after his first visit – Marcus Füreder, i.e. Parov Stelar, returns to Debrecen’s Nagyerdő: the representative of the electro-swing style, which mixes the jazz sound of the 1920s with electronic music, will perform with his band on July 21.

In their announcement, they recall that the foreign career of Austria’s best-known artist started in Hungary, since then he has been visiting Hungary every year, and in 2011 he was a performer on the main stage of the Campus Festival.

They wrote that this was the headliner line-up for this year’s Campus main stage. In addition to Parov Stelar, the German star-dj Robin Schulz and the French diva Zaz, who travels in a mixture of chanson, jazz and soul styles, will also strengthen this year’s festival. Schulz will perform at the festival on July 20, while Zaz will perform on July 22.

In addition to the world stars, the names of some other international performers have also become public. German DJ André Tanneberger – commonly known as ATB – will perform on the Campus. The “craziest rapper” of Eastern Europe, the Estonian Tommy Cash, the Ukrainian stoner-rock band Stoned Jesus, the English Kerala Dust, who mixes techno with live instruments and psychedelic rock and blues, and the dance diva Minelli, who will perform in 2021- became known for his hit song “Rampampam” – explained the organizers.

They announced: the Campus Festival will be held for the fifteenth time this year, and the organizers are preparing for the jubilee year with many extras and surprises. The selection of the six largest music program venues is now available in a daily breakdown. Like last year, the favorite style trend of Generation Z, the world of hip-hop, rap and trap, will be given its own stage. Rock and metal music with the stars of the domestic scene and new talents await visitors at a prominent location. In total, there are more than four hundred programs on offer.

The anniversary event, which starts on July 19, will be waiting for visitors for four nights, at the best-equipped and most shaded festival location in the country. 116,000 people visited the Campus last year – they wrote.



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