In addition to the food, needy families in Debrecen also received school supplies

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Despite the 35-degree heat, the guests of the Debrecen Women’s Public Life Association of Kéretlen Figyelem gathered for the end-of-snow food distribution an hour before the start. Report of the organizers.

A week ago, people in the city were still under the spell of the flower carnival financed by millions of public funds, but now those who used to be invisible in the shadow of the carnival were waiting in line. They are the ones for whom even the tent holidays are only about whether they can eat something, whether there is bread on the table. Their fate – let’s be honest – neither the powers of the city nor the country care about them, they are outcasts in their own country.

The area of the square in front of the underpass quickly filled up. All 150 numbers were assigned half an hour before the start, those who came later had to wait. However, they didn’t go home empty-handed either, they were able to load up with bread and pastries. The financial possibilities of the association do not allow us to receive more guests, unfortunately, the demand is high, and many people lend their hands for help. We are at the limit of our possibilities.

We met many new faces today as well. There were those who walked around the square several times before they had enough “courage” to come for a number. Many people bowed their heads and joined the queue in apparent desperation. Several people asked not to appear in the photo, they didn’t want their neighbors and acquaintances to see their “misery”.

Our hearts sink when we see how many people in the country’s second-largest city live on the fringes of society, using their little money to survive. Broken Hungarian people, tormented by life and deprivation, waited for a plate of stuffed cabbage, fresh bread, and pastries. Fewer flower carnivals, and more help for people, would be better!

It was sad to see families arriving with their children. The government’s child protection program means nothing to them, since they are low-income earners, the benefits are not worth much. It is incomprehensible that the government that has reigned for more than 13 years is helping families with communication, but in real life, this surely means that the more affluent are much better off. Those who actually need help are left out of the government “donation”, they cannot use the discounts.

The school year starts next week. We therefore combined the distribution of food with the distribution of textbooks. We consulted with the parents in advance, so pre-made school bags and school supplies were waiting for them. Each family also received flour, and the children also received sweets.

Thanks to the civil supporters, everyone got school supplies, and many got “rich” with school bags. There was great joy from both parents and children. The children were looking at the notebooks and pen holders, and the parents were counting what was still missing until the first day. For poor families, going to school is a financial disaster, even if they dare to dream a little – very little. Paying the September family allowance in advance does not help them at all. A significant change would be a significant increase in the amount of the family allowance, which has not changed since 2008.

We know there isn’t much we can give, but we do it all with a good heart. Our “reward” was still the sparkling children’s eyes.

Thank you for your support to the unemployed lady who brought school supplies to the children. We are grateful to the citizens of Debrecen who sent or brought their donations to Petőfi Square. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the referrals to help with the distribution of textbooks. You can also see in the photos that they brought great joy to the supported children. Thank you for the help of the bakeries.

It’s good to see that there are still good people who selflessly help the weaker ones.

The association will welcome its guests with a warm lunch on September 24, 2023.

Here in our region, many thousands are waiting for a helping hand, a human word, they want to live a life worthy of a human being. We invite everyone who wants to help, with both hands or financial support. We are convinced that human goodness and love have perhaps never been as needed in our beloved country as they are today. Hating and exclusion lead nowhere. Let’s believe together in the power of love and human kindness.

We are also waiting for donations from the residents of Debrecen, mainly non-perishable food, fruit, and potatoes. We are also happy to provide children’s toys and books.

Anyone who wants to help or provide support can call the following phone number: +36 30 9841 963

By bank transfer: Debrecen Women’s Public Association of Kéretlen Figyelem account number: Polgári Bank ZRT 612 00261-11059802. In the announcement, please write food distribution, 2023.

– Tukoráné Kádár Ibolya, head of the association –

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