Nearly 900 Passengers Screened for Coronavirus at Airport


So far nearly 900 passengers arriving on direct flights from China have been screened for coronavirus at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport, the facility’s communications chief said.

Katalin Valentinyi said passengers from China are being tested for fever and anyone with a temperature of 38°C or above are isolated for further testing. If an infection is suspected, airport emergency staff must disinfect the aircraft and affected areas. Of the 900 passengers checked, one person’s temperature was above 38°C. It was later confirmed they were not carrying the virus, she said.

Chief public health officer Cecília Müller said her authority was cooperating closely with the airport and supplying staff to screen travellers. Passengers are isolated if a doctor, public health officer and epidemiology inspector from the government office jointly issue an order to do so, she added.


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