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There will be a supermarket that will be open until noon on December 24


Some of the supermarkets will be open until noon, but all stores of Penny and Lidl will be closed on December 24, and Spar will also keep most of its own stores closed, with the exception of shopping centers.

Several commercial chains will be closed on December 24

Auchan stores will be open until noon on December 24. They said that according to their experience, many people may need something at this time as well. On the other hand, they also want to favor those who would like to buy breakfast bread and cakes for the multi-day holiday.

Tesco is also doing the same: following customer needs, it is waiting for people with the shortened opening hours that have been customary for years until noon on December 24. According to Tesco, customers demand the possibility of last-minute shopping, especially those who work extended working hours on December 23.

At the same time, as a family-friendly workplace, the company allows its employees to indicate which days or times of the day they cannot take a shift, and the schedules are prepared to keep in mind the needs of the employees on December 24 as well – they wrote.

“In addition to all this, our lease contracts also oblige us to stay open; and in our own properties, in which we also operate a line of stores in addition to the larger hypermarkets, we are responsible for our hundreds of tenants, typically small and medium-sized businesses, who reasonably expect that the Tesco store is open and working,” they said.

Among the supermarkets , Aldi Hungary, as in previous years, will keep all its stores open until noon on December 24 this year. As in previous years, 75 percent of the store’s employees in Hungary will have their rest day on December 24 this year, and the operation of the 171 stores is ensured by a quarter of the employees, who receive overtime compensation by the legislation.

Spar Hungary has announced that to observe the Christmas holidays calmly and peacefully, it will keep a large part of its self-operated stores closed on December 24, except Interspars and Spar and City Spar supermarkets in some shopping centers. Those who will work on this day will receive 100 percent overtime compensation, the company announced.

The management of Penny Market Kft., having examined the interests of its employees and customers, decided to keep its 230 stores in Hungary uniformly closed between December 24 and 26. On December 22 and 23, the stores will be waiting for customers with extended opening hours until 10 p.m., and from December 27 they will be open during normal business hours. The chain currently operates 230 stores, and 3 logistics centers and employs almost 5,000 employees in Hungary.

Lidl Hungary has also indicated that all 200 of its stores will be closed on December 24. In the statement sent to MTI, the company wrote that because of the importance of the family, they decided to provide a day off for all 8,500 employees on the holiday of love. They noted that their stores will operate with extended opening hours on December 23, keeping in mind the interests of customers.


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