International DJ Festival in Debrecen

Party Zone

Rouge organizes its 1st International DJ Festival tonight.

It is time for Debrecen’s night life to be redefined!

Its time to return to those times where Wednesday Student Night was the best night of the week, where the music was amazing, the alcohol was cheep and everybody returned home at the vilamos of 05:00AM

We got for u the best foreign Djs to come and spin their best music:

Amo (UK)

DoubleD (NIG)

Greg Trade (HU)

Jonny-P (IL)

Juss 1 (USA)

jonny p

  • To boost the mood there will be FREE BERENTZEN from 1.30-2am // OPEN BAR
  • Rouge, the sexiest girls, coolest guys // international music
  • Until 1am FREE ENTRY for everybody.
  • There will be a people limit, so arrive early!

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