A bicycle was found in Debrecen, does anyone miss it?


The staff of the Debrecen Police Station is waiting for the application of the owner of the bicycle shown in the picture.

The bicycle shown in the picture was found on 28 August 2021 in Debrecen on Sámsoni út, next to the road, by a citizen who notified the police. No information is yet available on the origin of the bike.

The Debrecen Police Headquarters requests that the owner of the bicycle report in person at the Debrecen Police Headquarters (Debrecen, Budai Ézsaiás utca 4.), or make a report by phone at 06-52 / 457-040, available 24 hours a day, or at 06-80 / 555-111 Telephone Keephone or 112, toll-free emergency number.



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