IX. World Kidney Day


Every tenth people is affected by kidney disorders in Hungary. Annually, there are 5-600.000 people in need of medical care, 270-300 kidney transplant surgeries take place, 6500 people are saved by dialysis. On 10th March, a public meeting about kidney diseases will be held.

The second Thursday of March (this year: 13th March) is a worldwide Kidney Day, which aim is to call attention to the role of kidneys in the maintenance of general health. This time, the central topic will focus on the relationship between ageing and kidneys, with the following motto: “Kidneys are getting older with us, protect them. Find out how!”

On the 10th of March, 2-4 p.m. a public meeting will be held at the “A” building of the Internal Medicine Institute. Those interested will be informed about kidney replacement therapy, the negative effects of painkillers on kidneys, and further questions can be asked from doctors.



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