Parties for the weekend, 10-11 November

Party Zone

10 November, Friday

Mickeyz BarClub: Fred Friday

SeVeN: Friday Party – Poparazzi

Tequila Bar: Karaoke Party

Butiq: Do You Swing? – 20s-30s masquarede party

Incognito Club: Friday Party

Roncsbár: Péterfy Bori and Love Band concert


11 November, Saturday

Mickeyz BarClub: Hello Saturday! – Saturday Essence with DJ Newtone

SeVeN: Saturday Party

Tequila Bar: Retro Party

Butiq: Saturday Party

Incognito Club: Hernyék Quartet concert

Roncsbár: Roy és Ádám Trió, Edi Philips and the Memphis Patrol concerts

Bisztó Bár: Bukholcz

Víztorony: Sav – Bázis XI/XI

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