1st kidney transplantation was made 25 years ago in Debrecen


The first kidney transplantation was made 25 years ago in Debrecen. From this occasion, a scientific meeting was held on Friday at the DAB Székház.

On 27 June 1991, László Asztalos made the first operation with a cadaver donor. Since 2013, he was the head of the Department of Transplantation Surgery. More than 800 people were operated until 2013 and in 2010, the first living donor kidney transplantation was also made.

Balázs Nemes, present head of the department said at the meeting that there were 62 kidney transplantations in 2015. In 2017 an international scientific meeting is to be held, where the Hungarian and international situations of kidney transplantations will be discussed.

Balázs Nemes also mentioned that almost 350 kidney transplantations were made within a year in Hungary and the average waiting time was three and a half years.

László Damjanovich, professor of the University of Debrecen and head of the Department of Surgery emphasized that two new operating rooms were built for transplantation surgeries.


Source: debreceninap.hu

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