Mammary Centre of Debrecen is transferred to a more modern place

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Mammary Centre of Debrecen is transferred to Kossuth Street 56, ECHO Health Centre.

ECHO Health Centre belongs to Medical and Health Science Centre of University of Debrecen since 2001; it is responsible for screenings.

Screenings are crucial; every 10th woman is suffering from breast cancer in Hungary, and the number is growing. Worldwide, breast cancer accounts for 22.9% of all cancers in women. In 2008, breast cancer caused 458,503 deaths worldwide (13.7% of cancer deaths in women). Breast cancer is more than 100 times more common in women than in men, although men tend to have poorer outcomes due to delays in diagnosis. Prognosis and survival rates for breast cancer vary greatly depending on the cancer type, stage, and treatment.

The reconstruction of the building of the new Centre was designed by István Lengyel, Ybl-awarded architect.



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