Becoming My Own Life Coach

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The American Corner presents Becoming My Own Life Coach on 7 November 2013.


Louis Joseph Mattia, BSE, M.Div., Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching

Louis Joseph Mattia has over 35 years of professional service background in the government, business and nonprofit sectors. He has a Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University, a Master’s Degree from Virginia Theological Seminary, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from The George Washington University, Washington DC. Most recently he served as Director of Business Development at an Information Technology Consultancy in the USA and continues as founder and CEO of The LEADS Foundation, a non-profit corporation whose focus is to train leaders in developing countries. Presently, Louis Mattia serves as a Consultant for Program Development at the University of Debrecen and continues to provide management support to Green Mountain Echo, Inc., a sustainable management non-profit organization.

Recognizing that life offers continuous change and challenges, learn to manage your life in a relaxed and confident manner based on fundamental principles of Life Coaching. Based on human development theory, this one hour presentation will introduce you to a method of understanding how we grow and learn as adults. You can discover the issues or barriers that keep you from achieving an inner sense of motivation, direction, and happiness. And, you can begin to coach yourself to the next level!

The event starts at 6 pm.

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