Criminal suit of the ex-rector has started

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The criminal suit of the ex-rector of the Kölcsey Ferenc Teacher Training Collage of the Reformed Church started yesterday.

According to the indictment, Dr. Zoltán V. committed fraud and embezzlement. The main point of the indictment is that the teacher training collage made a contract with dr. Tibor V. to held lectures, however most of his lectures were given by Dr. Zoltán V.

The collage paid 1,3 million Forints for the lectures and the money were picked up by Zoltán V or Tibor V.

The indictment also says that Zoltán V. made a contract with Tibor V. about consultant services; although there were no consultant services, Tibor V. received his more than 1 million Forints salary.

The two defendants rejected the indictment and said that they have not committed any crimes.



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