Men’s Water Polo: Green-and-white success in Debrecen

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DVSE hosted and was beaten by FTC in the 25th round of the National Championship yesterday evening.

The derby turned out to be a tight match: Debrecen was beaten by one goal.

Match facts:

DEBRECEN – Széchenyi Bank-FTC 5-6 (1-2, 3-1, 0-1, 1-2)

Location: Debreceni Sportuszoda

Ref.: Marjay Zs., Fodor R.

DEBRECEN: Clark – Palotás G., Kállay M. 2, Marnitz G., Misics, Süveges M., Halek M. 2. Csere: Macsi P., Weszelovszky L., Chilkó M. 1, Jokics. Edző: Varga Tamás.

FTC: Gárdonyi A. – Szabó B. 1, Ernyey M., Bóbis M. 1, Aidan R., Tyler M. 3, Joel S. 1. Csere: Kolozsi M., Vogel S. B., Francsics D., Paján V., Major M., Pohl Z. Edző: Varga I. Zsolt.


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