University of Debrecen Fined for Discriminating Gay People

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The Equal Treatment Authority (EBH) fined the University of Debrecen for 100,000 HuF because a LMBTQI round table discussion was banned from the institution.In 2015 and 2016 the Here We Are! national campaign presented the current situation of LGBTQI people in different Hungarian towns and they held roundtable discussions with local groups. In April 2016, the University of Debrecen would have been the venue of their following event, but the leadership of the university banned the roundtable discussion not only from the university building, but also from the campus. Eventually, the event would have been held in Nagyerdei Víztorony, but it was also canceled because of the attitude of the university’s leadership.

The university stated that there had been problems with the booking of the room in the institution, but they did not explain why they did not give an opportunity for correcting the reservation.

The organization turned to the Equal Treatment Authority (EBH) and it has been stated that the University of Debrecen discriminated the event and the organization based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In the future, the university must not do such a thing again and they have to make the judgement public.



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