Civil Organizations in Debrecen Assist 110 Children in Learning from Home

Local News

Debrecen Charity Board and Roteka civil organisation joined their forces to support families who cannot afford to pay for the material conditions of digital education from home.

The support fund of Debrecen was established on 20 March to support families who are facing difficulties due to the coronavirus epidemic. More and more people are joining the initiative, who are not only economic organisations, companies and enterprises, but civil organisations as well. Roteka is a civil organisation from Debrecen, which specialises in assisting disadvantaged children in catching up with others in their studies. We can count on them, during the coronavirus epidemic as well.

The association purchased 110 used, but properly maintained laptops in good condition, with the necessary software installation, which were given to pupils recommended by the teachers of Kazinczy Ferenc Primary School and Basic Art Education Institution of Debrecen and those of Vörösmarty Mihály Primary School and Basic Art Education Institution of Debrecen.


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