Can the University of Debrecen come under Fidesz control? Pósán and Mándi clashed

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As previously reported, it is possible that the University of Debrecen could fall into the hands of a foundation established by the state this year.

Among other things, Fidesz will have to place its own cadres in key positions (see Vidnyánszky’s stumbling blocks at the University of Theater and Film), according to a “Value system”.

The opposition spokesman for Debrecen on the subject was László Mándi, the municipal representative of Momentum, who wrote an open letter to Fidesz representative László Pósán on his Facebook page.

According to Mándi, the only positive side of the news is that it has now become completely clear:

You are afraid, you are about to be defeated in the 2022 elections, and you have begun shoveling public money for your own benefit at an unprecedented pace.

Now, however, we are talking about the University of Debrecen, to which hundreds of thousands across the country owe their quality higher education, which has made it possible for them to find great jobs. The jewel of our city, a world-class science center, home of about 30,000 students. This is what you and your party now want to permanently take from the hands of the country and replay it forever in the ownership of a company they have appointed.  Enough of playing public assets into private hands. We’re not giving up our university!

At the end of his letter, he calls on Pósán to continue to oppose the sale of the University of Debrecen and to do everything in his power to prevent it from being handed over to the foundation, if he still considers himself a member of parliament in the city of Debrecen and not a party soldier at Fidesz.

Pósán: the university itself is considering a model change

In his answer, László Pósán lists at length the supposed or real sins of the “left”, especially the Gyurcsánys, and the supposed or real successes of the Orbán government, which he called civilian, since 2010.

The essential part says:

His statement about the University of Debrecen in black and white is a political mood and a complete disregard for reality. If you paid a little attention to what was happening in our city, you would know from the university’s announcement that the university itself is considering the possibility of changing the model of the maintainer. This communication also briefly discusses these benefits, I suggest you read it carefully. The position of the university seems clear, it hopes that the change of model will increase its operational efficiency and the university’s autonomy.
The left – including you – used to be concerned about university autonomy, freedom of science and education, and now you are the ones who want to tell one of the largest universities in Hungary what would be good for it.

László Pósán also did not appreciate the fact that Mándi called him an associate professor, because – as he writes – he is already a professor.

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