Concert moments from the Campus at Thursday

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According to Dávid Marsalkó, Debrecen is the loudest city. Is he right? We think on Thursday we proved that we can be very loud at concerts.

The Intim Torna Illegál is saying goodbye to its fans this summer with a tour, which stop was the Campus Festival too. One of the last concerts of the band attracted huge crowds. Many are sorry they won’t have any more opportunities to enjoy the guys ’music live, but now they’ve had one last party. The people in the audience said the concert was amazing and the band played with gratitude.

Immediately after Intim Torna Illegál, the 30Y performed, further enhancing the mood.

“Is Debrecen the loudest city?” Dávid Marsalkó asked during the concert of the Halott Pénz, then after the cheers he stated that this is the case.

The Irish pub band Paddy and The Rats is popular with people listening to rock music. It was good to see the audience bounce as one person, everyone managed to let go completely.

At the  Pál Utcai Fiúk concert, all ages were represented, with the young dancing in the same way as the older ones.

Mudfield is one of Sárrét’s most popular bands, a lot of people were waiting for their concert to start. There were those who came from Szeghalom and its surroundings to listen to their favorite, well-known band, but there were also those who heard them in A Dal (musical competition) and were curious about the band live.

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