The Development Work of the Csokonai Forum is Progressing Well

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Debrecen is building a multifunctional theater and Training Center with modern, 21st-century theater technology to meet all needs. It will serve as an ideal venue for cross-border collaborations.


The Csokonai Forum building structure was built in several sections, and the contractors are now doing the final touches on the interior of the studio theater. The floor covering is nearly complete, the acoustic wall system will be installed, all the steel structures and support elements are ready for sound technology, and the lighting technology has already been installed, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said. The mayor emphasized that the professional management of the theater was authorized to choose the technical and other solutions that best suited their needs within the available framework.


Within the Hungarian-Romanian cross-border European Union program framework, we are implementing the development of the Csokonai Forum, a new cultural space of about 9,000 square meters will be created in the heart of Debrecen. The Csokonai Forum will display a new category of cultural life in the city. A cultural space that meets the requirements of technical conditions and entertainment of the 21st century, László Papp said.


The studio theater, which can accommodate 150 people, will provide a director’s freedom as a multifunctional performance space. The 100-person Orpheum, which also functions as a lecture hall, has a unique sound-absorbing and reflective cover, and it also has light systems and sound equipment like a studio.


Culture is a link in the region; it can forge and unite the cities and settlements of the region and the people living here in all respects, based on traditional and historical traditions -this is the mission of the Csokonai Forum. Within the framework of the cross-border tender, this is both an expectation and a task to connect each other on both sides of the border in a cultural sense, as broadly as possible, as effectively as possible.


The theater building can display the whole world. The theatrical technique that is being made here, the theatrical environment that is being developed here, will be perfectly suited to visualize the world and bring it to life-like proximity in both space and time. It also makes the theater suitable to be a regional theater and more than a theater, as it will also be a training place at the same time. It will indeed be a type of cultural center for Debrecen, which we can safely say is perhaps a unique institution in the country as well – László Pósán, Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Parliament, emphasized.


Two main sources fund the development: the Hungarian-Romanian cross-border EU fund and the additional HUF 2.5 billion provided by the government within the framework of the Debrecen 2030 program.


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