Orbán: the third vaccine is equivalent to a life insurance policy


The third vaccination is equivalent to a life insurance – said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday, Kossuth Radio Good Morning, Hungary! show. He added he will receive a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine over the weekend.

Orbán is getting the third vaccine because he thinks the virus will spread more in fall

He stated that the fourth wave of the epidemic “is slowly encircling Hungary, from the east in any case,” noting that the situation is alarming in neighboring Romania, where vaccination is only 29 percent instead of 59 in Hungary.

The prime minister encouraged everyone to consider using a mask, although, he added, it does not in itself protect against infection, because only vaccination does.

He explained that the vaccine works, with less than one percent of those vaccinated having a coronavirus.

He also said the fourth wave is unavoidable, the delta variant of the virus is much more aggressive than before. Thus, the danger is also much greater, so he asked people not to take risks, to vaccinate themselves.



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