From January, the gas price stop can be removed from Hungary


Refueling has become more and more difficult in Hungary, the smaller wells will not receive fuel this week either, but the larger chains have already introduced restrictions, and the lack of fuel has reared its head in Budapest as well.

ATV Híradó learned from Ottó Grád, the secretary general of the Hungarian Mineral Oil Association, that there are now serious supply problems.

“The government must decide whether to regulate prices or supply the market with fuel. I think that the restrictions are doing more damage now than the price increases did in the past”

– said Ottó Grád.

Regarding the restrictions and the price cap, energy expert József Balogh told ATV:

“If they take it further again, and at the same price, in forints, it will actually mean that consumption will continue to rise, aren’t we already seeing this trend? At the same time, there will not be enough refinery capacity, and if anything were to happen to the friendship pipeline, the raw material would be lacking. I think we will have to think about how to proceed in December.”

MOL’s press department announced that the company’s tankers are constantly on the road, and the amount of fuel intended for export has already been limited. Compared to the normal period, the company now delivers 15-20 percent more fuel to its partners, i.e. consumption is much higher than before the price cap.

And the Prime Minister’s Office wrote that from January

“they can only maintain the gasoline price freeze if the crude oil delivery from Russia is uninterrupted and the Száchahalombatta refinery operates continuously. Of course, the government will continue to do everything to ensure a safe fuel supply.”

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