Párbeszéd submitted a proposal for the introduction of a four-day work-week in Hungary


Párbeszéd will once again submit its proposal for a resolution on the four-day work week to the parliament, announced the party’s spokesperson at its online press conference.

Richárd Barabás said that due to the changed working conditions, automation, and digital solutions, neither the economy nor the needs of the employees are satisfied by the five-day work-week. He added that the market players confirm that the two-day weekend is not enough for rest.

The XI. district deputy mayor emphasized that, according to research, those who work four days do their work more intensively and focused, but with pleasure, because they are compensated by the extra day off.

Richárd Barabás emphasized that the working hours of the previous five days would not be regrouped into four days, but that the eight-hour framework would be maintained as a rule, while regulating that no employee could receive fewer wages for this reason. In those jobs that require working on Fridays, Párbeszéd recommends that employees work seven hours a day from Monday to Thursday, and four on Friday, said the politician.



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