Showers and Hail to Arrive in the Country on Monday


Due to a cold front, the weather will turn wetter at the beginning of next week, and there may be thunderstorms in several places on Monday.

On Sunday, warm spring weather will continue, the maximums will reach and exceed 20 degrees in most parts of the country. On Monday, however, a fluctuating cold front will reach our country from the west, which will pass over us only slowly, so on Monday and Tuesday we can expect precipitation in several places in significant quantities.

In addition to rain and showers, especially on the first day of the week, thunderstorms may develop in several directions, which may even be accompanied by downpours, hail and stormy wind gusts. On Tuesday, it may still rain mainly in the eastern and northeastern parts of the country, in other places there may be only scattered showers, and thunderstorms are also possible in some places. From Wednesday, the weather will turn drier again, on this day there will only be a shower in the central and eastern regions, but like on Tuesday, the north-northwest wind will be strong in many places, and the maximums will also drop by quite a few degrees.

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