Mandatory Mask Wearing at All Faculties of the University of Debrecen From Wednesday


Previously, the rule applied only to the staff and students of BTK and TTK, but from Wednesday, wearing a mask is mandatory at all faculties of the University of Debrecen.


According to the announcement of the university, it is obligatory to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose from Wednesday, September 22nd, for all employees and students of the University of Debrecen during working hours and teaching hours in the rooms for these activities, as well as on the corridors and in the service rooms.

According to the rector’s e-mail of 21 September, the protection certificate does not provide an exemption from this obligation, given that in addition to the Covid-19 epidemic, diseases caused by adenovirus, parainfluenza and rhinovirus are becoming more widespread.

Instructors do not need to to wear a mask if a distance of at least 3 meters can be kept from their students. University events and sport events can still be attended with a protection card based on government measures. Wearing a mask can be avoided for sports and meals. The rules previously issued in the Action Plan and the sectoral recommendations apply to the university’s patient care units, public educational institutions and colleges.


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