The University of Debrecen Revoked Putin’s Honorary Civil Title


The Senate repealed its 2017 resolution awarding the civis honoris causa to the Russian president.


The Senate, the main decision-making body of the University of Debrecen, unanimously annulled the body’s decision in 2017 to award civis honoris causa to Vladimir Putin. The Russian president would not have been able to bear the title anyway, because according to the university’s regulations, only those who take it over are entitled to do so, and Putin did not.

The Senate also supported the amendment of the Regulations on the Order of Granting University Honors and Titles at the University of Debrecen without a vote against and abstaining. The resolution states that with the affirmative vote of three-quarters of the present members of the Senate, by secret ballot, the honorary may revoke the award if the recognized person becomes unworthy or if the award is not handed over within 3 years.

However, it was not disclosed whether Vladimir Putin’s honorary title was revoked because he had become unworthy or because he had not taken it within 3 years of being awarded. In 2017, the university said the title could be awarded to a person who “carries out outstanding public or artistic activities and has helped to strengthen the reputation of the university or one of its departments through its work, moral or financial support”. According to the justification of the proposal related to the title of honorary citizen, the Hungarian government and Russia also assign a significant role to the University of Debrecen in the Paks 2 program, and the university and Roszatom have also concluded a strategic contract for the training of specialists.


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