In two years, the European University Games will be held in Debrecen and Miskolc


The organizing committee of the 2024 European University Games (EUG) in Debrecen met in Mád. During the meeting, the organizational sub-tasks and their responsible persons were appointed, and the compilation of the feasibility study began. The games will be led by high-quality international competitions at the University of Debrecen next year.

In two years, the European University Games will be held in Debrecen and Miskolc, which will be co-hosted by the University of Debrecen. About 6,000 athletes and their companions will come to the city of Civic as part of an international sports event most akin to the Olympics. László Balogh, the head of the Sports Science Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen, told that everything is going according to plan in connection with the preparations.

Regular consultations are held with the other organizing city, Miskolc and the university there, as well as with the Hungarian and European university sports associations so that everything is in order and everything is ready for the opening of a large-scale sports event. On June 2, the organizing committee of Debrecen met in Mád, where a decision was made on more specifics. Everyone knows what they are up to and we have been able to formulate specific directions for the event,

– the head of DESKI informed.

The 2024 EUG will start to be promoted next year with DE international sporting events: we plan to start the MEFOB Festival at the end of April, this time hosted by the University of Debrecen. After the approval of the MEFS presidency, the DE, 1,500 athletes, and their companions will arrive in Debrecen in seven sports. In early July, DE will host a 3×3 University Basketball European Championship with 20 men’s and 20 women’s teams, and a basketball court will be set up in front of the Main Building on University Square, along with stands. In mid-July, there will also be 16 teams participating in the Frisbee University World Championships.

We can also promote the university and the city at these events, so if you want to see international sports next summer, the University of Debrecen can also enjoy it. These events are in line with the European Games, as they may have shortcomings that can be avoided in the organization of the 2024 event. We are also developing a website and application to promote EUG,

– the director of the institute added.

This year, the European University Games will be held in Łódź, Poland. According to László Balogh, the University of Debrecen will travel to the site with a delegation of fifty people in order to gain good practices that can be incorporated as observers. At the closing event, similar to the Olympics, the Hungarian organizers will solemnly take over the relay from the Poles.

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