Doctors were inaugurated at the University of Debrecen


Graduates of medical education were sworn in on Friday at the University of Debrecen. After completing their training in Hungarian and English, more than one hundred and twenty graduated from the ceremonial council of the Faculty of Medicine.

“On one of the great days of their lives, let them have the first thought, thanks to all those who pushed them forward to become doctors,”

– said Dean László Mátyus.

The professor emphasized that the graduates here can be proud that they obtained their knowledge and medical degree at one of the largest and most prestigious universities and medical schools in the country, which also stands out in European comparison.

The University of Debrecen has always been characterized by stability and unbroken development, Debrecen has always been open to new ideas, but at the same time we have preserved the values of our medical education and we are now ready to develop further in the changing external conditions,

– emphasized the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

László Mátyus added: that the recent graduates have the modern knowledge that allows them to meet the high expectations of the doctor. In connection with the epidemic, they also proved that they are worthy of the medical profession not only on the basis of their professional training, but also on the basis of their professional standing, but meeting the expectations is not easy, it requires constant learning and training.

At the ceremony on Friday, 49 candidates of Hungarian and 78 foreigners graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen and took their diplomas after their inauguration.

It is now your duty to preserve the prestige of your well-deserved profession with your scientific aspirations, not to promote the prosperity and prosperity of your profession and the University of Debrecen, in which you are now admitted to the ranks of medical doctors, and thus the good of Hungary

– said László Csernoch, Deputy Rector for Science.

At the inaugural meeting of the doctoral doctor, László Márk was awarded the title of honorary professor for his high-quality teaching, scientific work, and outstanding medical activity on behalf of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine.

Kothalawala Edward Saman, now inaugurated doctor of medicine, an Outstanding Student at the University of Debrecen, received an award for his outstanding academic achievement. Six recent students (Babalola Oluwaseun Esther, Chen Yi-Chun, Mustafa Rashed Muhsen Rashed, Péter Gargya, Anita Gulyás, Edward Saman Kothalawala) received a DETEP diploma in recognition of their work in the Talent Development Program of the University of Debrecen.

Based on the proposal of the Scientific Student Council, the Scientific and Innovation Committee awarded István Weszprémi a commemorative medal and a prize for his outstanding scientific work in the framework of the Scientific Student Circle and his outstanding participation in the local and national scientific student congresses.

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